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We want YOU
to be in
On The Rocks.

When: Saturday, June 1st

Where: UO School of music lobby

time: 12:00 noon!


Please have two 30-second
solos prepared that show off
your voice and style

Have more fun than you thought you could have

ON the Rocks is a brotherhood of men who love to sing!
we find a way to
have a good time doing anything...

...So relax, be yourself,
and let's get to know each other through music and

Rsvp to our facebook event so we know you're interested!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What do we need for auditions?

A: Prepare two 30 second - 1 minute long solos showing the range of your voice (dynamic and stylistic).
Also bring a snack or some lunch money. It might be a long day...

Q: How long can I expect the audition process to last?

A: TLDR; Keep your whole day free.

The Audition process is broken up into 4 separate parts with deliberation between each section. Depending on the number of candidates and the amount of deliberation, to complete the entire audition process may last until midnight or later. Those not called back will end anywhere between noon and midnight.

Q: What is the time commitment to be an OTR member?

A: We will really talk about it more should you advance in the auditions process, but for us, it goes:

"School, Work, OTR"

You're at the University of Oregon to get an education, and you work to make money, but On the Rocks is first and foremost a professional group, and we rehearse and perform as such. It is a lot of time commitment, but it's worth every hour you'll spend singing with your best friends.